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Our Teacher:
Ms. Cori


Dear Parents,


It’s easy to imagine that playing a part in your child’s first year in school might be an experience that holds a great deal of value. Naturally we at the Bayshore Co-op would heartily agree with that assertion. But what does it really mean to be a participant in your child’s early education? What is required of a parent and what can you expect to gain?


My years as a Bayshore Co-op parent and now as the Bayshore Co-op director have taught me that each and every year at the coop is fun, exciting, and also challenging. On the side of expectations, as a coop participant, you are not only a parent, you are also a staff member. You support the curriculum, guide the children, make decisions, and vote on policy. You can expect to teach, play, and use your imagination. You will choose a job just for you that fits your skills and what you like to do.


For embarking on this journey with your child, what rewards can you anticipate will come your way? Fortunately, our parents find that the benefits of co-op membership far outweigh the effort expended. At the very least, in our close knit support system not only will your child learn about him or herself and others, but you will learn about your child, other children, and about yourself and others as parents. It is likely you and your child will both establish long term friendships and you may even gain a new perspective in your relationship with your child. And chances are the co-op adventure will contribute to a comfortable and secure experience when the time comes for your child to start elementary school.


At the Bayshore Co-op, every year offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive group setting. We hope you will join us.


Ms. Cori

Corinna Gist


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