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Parent Commitment

We utilize our parents’ talents and passion to enhance our children’s experience

while ensuring our school operates smoothly. Our school is completely run by

the parents and teacher, so each family contributes to make memorable

preschool years for the children.


Parents volunteer at our school approximately three times a month.

On their work day, parents arrive at 8:30 a.m. and stay until 12:15 p.m.

Younger siblings may not accompany the parent on their working days. 


As well as volunteering at the school, parents are also required to participate

in the following:


1.    One family provides nutritional snacks each week.

       Each family is responsible for two to three snack weeks per year.


2.    Attend a mandatory cleaning day before school starts and on the last day

       of school. In addition, parents attend their choice of one mandatory cleaning

       day either in the winter or spring.


3.    Participate in fundraising events. 


4.    Attend the monthly business meetings the first Thursday night of the month.          Monthly meets are held at a parent's house or the school. 


5.    Each family holds a yearlong chair position within the school, with jobs ranging from        repairs and publicity to treasurer and president.


6.    Families with two children enrolled will be required to perform double the      responsibilities and volunteer once a week at school.

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