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Parent Resources


We've compiled some articles about parenting and education that follow our school philosophy.


No child is born with self-discipline. Right from the start children need parents to feed them and to keep them healthy and safe until they can manage on their own. In the same way, they need their parents to provide them with the discipline they need until they learn to discipline themselves.

Here are a lot of excellent, fantastic ways to give praise to your child. Get creative!

Let them play! Play-based learning builds empathy, better self-control, and problem solving skills. Kids better equipped to learn, and interact, if taught using play-based curricula.

How much should preschoolers sleep and tips to help them sleep.

What is the difference between nightmares and night terrors?

What factors in the experience of infants and toddlers seem likely to account for childhood overweight? What evidence do we have to suggest that these factors do, in fact, influence obesity risk?

Is stuttering a normal speech pattern for toddlers?

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